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Proactive Approach – Improve Workplace Cleanliness Efforts to Help Employees Feel Safe This Winter.

Workplace cleanliness has always been important, but never more so than now. Here are some tips for keeping your facility clean and safe.

Workplace cleanliness is on the minds of every manager during the whole year of 2020 and now that winter is approaching along with another wave of new cases of COVID, everyone is on high alert again. As the county and city of San Diego is trying to take steps toward returning to work, and there are some setbacks, there is also a lot of concern, especially in areas hard hit by the coronavirus. It’s additionally challenging since the information we have seems to change regularly. What we think we know today about coronavirus may not be entirely accurate in a week or two. Calling the year of 2020 a rollercoaster is an understatement.

Even though many of the details and information about the virus are changing constantly, there is substantial evidence that much of what we know about cleaning in the wake of pandemics, or even the seasonal flu, it is largely correct – Cleaning, disinfection and sanitation done the right way, with the right products by cleaning professionals will significantly decrease the exposure risk in the work or public places.

Studies support the fact that this coronavirus, like many similar viruses, is rendered inactive as long as we use the right cleaning chemicals and allow for the proper application and contact time.

One of the many upsides for hiring professional cleaning teams is that many of the workplace cleanliness guidelines we already have been using to be effective in keeping our facilities safe. What are some of those procedures and how can we go beyond that to help the people we work with feel comfortable when coming back to work?

Set-up a consistent schedule, and all your custodial cleaning checklist with a professional Janitorial Manager. Contact us here at SD Janitor for a free, no-obligation quote and learn how we work and our proactive approach to disinfection and cleaning by making workplace cleanliness the first line of defense against coronavirus

By now, there are probably a number of changes you’ve made in how you approach cleaning your facilities, but have you got help with an expert professional of the cleaning industry?

One of the essential aspects of workplace cleanliness in combating coronavirus is frequency. Because your facilities have regular traffic from any number of people, you and your team will need to keep a strict cleaning and disinfecting schedule. This is especially true in restrooms, where you generally have lower ceilings and less square footage, meaning potentially contaminated airborne particles don’t have as much space to dissipate.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends “routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces.” That’s a little vague. Our professional team here at SD Janitor has adopted a more sophisticated and intense approach to this. While we do the routine cleaning of frequently touched surfaces, we also do a 360-degree disinfection of the entire space with an electrostatic disinfection fogger packed with CDC and EPA approved chemicals. We leave no space for the virus to live and thrive.

There are some specific protocols for workplace cleanliness when it comes to the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting. It is very important to determine what “regular cleaning” means, based on the number of people in your facility. Also, based on the traffic of people in a building, we can determine how often deeper disinfection needs to happen, and how regular cleanings will assist with these efforts in between. Whatever the decision, though, ensure your company sticks to it. You don’t want to skip a cleaning or two. Keep the professional cleaning vendor as an essential part of your operations.  

We Only Use Disinfectants Certified by the EPA.

We are only using disinfectants certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as effective against coronavirus. If you haven’t yet made a decision on the company to hire, make sure their cleaning product is on the list of acceptable disinfectants.

Staggering schedules and limiting contact has been a solution presented a lot lately, as well. In terms of your team, this is worth looking into it, but it does not change workplace cleaning needs, procedures and established schedules to safeguard everyone’s health.

SD Janitor also made cleaning equipment specific to each individual employee. So, to the extent possible, each professional cleaner has their own spray bottles, brooms, and other equipment and supplies. Seeing the same person on every visit, with the same equipment, will help other people in the building feel like your team is taking care to limit exposure, and it will, in fact, help keep your team safe.

And, of course, always, our team wears a face mask, making sure that the cloth covers both their mouth and nose.

Keep Your Team Safe

Workplace cleanliness is a manager’s responsibility. Something that was often overlooked in the past. Not anymore, not after 2020. Perhaps, one of the easiest and smartest things you can do: contact an experienced, knowledge, professional cleaning company. As more and more people come into your building (or buildings), the more important it is for you to have a pro-active, responsible and hands on approach to cleaning efforts to help maintain a safe work environment for everyone.

Proudly share the steps you and your team are taking to ensure safety: pre-work temperature checks, paid time off for anyone exhibiting symptoms of illness, and your cleaning routine and disinfection done by experienced professionals – having a company with high standards such as SD Janitor Inc. working in your building to help prevent the spread of the virus by following proper protocols, cleaning and disinfection procedures will show everyone (employees and clients) how much you care.

And remind them that your team is important. Their health and their family health are important.  

If you have multiple locations, you can contact a SD Janitor manager to learn how we can design a cleaning plan for all your locations, with specific checklists for each one while saving you money on a whole company package.

It’s essential to keep up with the latest updates from a professional cleaning organization – SD Janitor’s blog is packed with good and useful information about cleaning.

If you are our client, you already are way ahead in workplace cleanliness. The next step is letting other people know what we are doing to keep your building safe – and how we can help them too. Our cleaning team has the information and experience they need to complete their job accurately and thoroughly. Hiring and implementing a professional janitorial service company can effectively transform your cleaning operations.