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Building Cleaning & Maintenance Tips to Make For Fall/ Winter

Fall just started but currently still feels like summer here in San Diego, the last thing you are likely thinking about is winter building maintenance and cleaning needs. However, now is the time to be forward-thinking about how to protect your building in for the cooler months and keep clean, safe and healthy to everyone around – employees and clients.

Colder days and nights, even in San Diego, are on the horizon in the next couple months. Last winter, the area experienced several rain storms and we had many raining days that last, so you need to start thinking on your commercial facility or business for the low(ish), wet temperatures and raining weather that is to come. Here are some tried-and-true winter cleaning and maintenance tips for your facility. These are areas we consider of greatest importance when preparing for the change in seasons as it relates to preserving the appearance and cleanliness of your workplace and enhancing the working environment for your employees.

Building Inspection

Get started by conducting an overall building inspection to determine the condition of each part of the facility. Note areas that need repair. Be sure to check the heating system and all doors and windows for weather-stripping and proper seals. Check the roof and attic for leaks and check all exterior faucets.

Gutters – during the spring, summer and fall, your gutters have likely filled up with leaves and other debris. While you should always clean the building’s gutters regularly, it is particularly important to do it before the winter comes. Your gutters need to properly route water, and you certainly do not want them to back up because that can easily lead to excess water that causes roof leaks and other damage. You might even consider pruning any trees that hang over onto the roof and clog gutters.

HVAC Cleaning

Over time, HVAC units and air ducts collect dust, pathogens, allergens and other contaminants that reduce indoor air quality and inhibit proper air circulation. Help your employees breathe a little easier by cleaning out ductwork, registers and cold air returns, and clean or replace filters as needed. Don’t forget to look up; ceiling vents are notorious for gathering dust and if your workspace has ceiling fans, make sure the blades are wiped clean.

Protect Your Floors

Debris and other moisture-laden slush easily become caught in boots and end up being tracked into buildings, resulting in those familiar white, chalky stains. Wet or dirty floor surfaces also can become a safety hazard, and the chemicals, dirt and grime can scratch polished surfaces and deeply work their way into carpet fibers, causing irreparable damage and shortened lifespans.

Safety: to help prevent slip-and-fall accidents and the damage caused by winter’s climate, plan to add special exterior floor mats to help capture most of the dirt and moist that it gets into the building, plus additional mats that extend well into the entryway to provide further protection. Maintaining your commercial carpet and floors requires a frequent schedule of vacuuming, and daily mopping of hard surfaces will help preserve its appearance. Hire a professional company to help you with regular, competent services.

Having the proper entrance mats can be the first line of defense for safety of building personnel. Mats reduce potential slip hazards in wet conditions. Mats should start outside and continue inside and should be heavy-duty enough to store dirt and water. These are also nice for reducing the amount of dirt that is tracked into your building. Once the dirt is in your facility, it is costly to clean, so stop dirt in its tracks right at the door!  

Let There Be Light!

With the change in seasons, your employees may get limited sun and light exposure and be at work during mostly of the light hour of the day. Allowing as much natural sunlight into your workplace as possible can help boost employees’ moods and create a more pleasant working environment. Plan to clean your windows inside and out before the winter and all the rain, and also clean your lighting fixtures to ensure they shine brightly.

Hire a Professional Janitorial Commercial Cleaning Service

Winter maintenance is a crucial part of your overall facility management plan. Do it the right way so that people stay safe and the building stays efficient. Hire a professional to keep your facility clean, healthy and safe for your employees. There are so many compelling reasons why you should. SD Janitor Inc. is a contracted cleaning company; we do projects like yours all day, every day. We have all the tools and equipment needed to tackle the job, and our team is highly trained and experienced.

You will not have to purchase any equipment. We will show up with everything we need to perform your cleaning. During a deep clean project, we can typically run across some areas of issues, but our team is trained in all aspects of cleaning, so we will do a professional job and your space will look the best than ever.

SD Janitor is here for all your year-round building cleaning and janitorial needs. Although it still hot outside right now in Southern California, it is never too early to start thinking about the cleaning of your facility during the winter and the impact it will have on your employees and your business. Contact or give us a call today!