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We Solve Cleaning Problems

Office, Retail, Warehouses, Commercial Spaces and more

SD Janitor helps our clients implement smart cleaning solution programs with the help of technology. We specialize in solving commercial and corporate cleaning problems locally here in San Diego by provide intelligent and technological cleaning solutions for business.

We make sure our clients looking their best by providing tools that will guarantee the delivery of our services, keeping cleaners accountable and your peace of mind.

If your business has a cleaning matter that needs professional attention, leave to SD Janitor to solve it for you. We have a variety of comprehensive cleaning programs. Our team will work with you to design a unique, customized cleaning and logistical solution that fits your business model and specific needs.

  • Have you ever received an electronic report with a customized checklist designed just for your business, with pictures and important information or warnings of potential problems?
  • Have you ever wondered if the cleaner showed up for the job, or what did they do when they were there?
  • Have you ever wished the cleaning crew would let you know of potential issues right the way?
  • Have other cleaning companies offered to resolve this challenges for you in the past?

After all, the cleaning crew should go beyond the basics and help you identify potential problems. Those are just a few common wonders most business have when comes to their cleaning provider. We will implement a comprehensive program, a customized checklist and add new photos to this electronic report on every visit. We can also implement instant alerts that will let you know by email or text message when something needs immediate attention.  You won’t have to wonder anymore. We will deliver the service and you will see the job right on your inbox. Not just a basic cleaning but also an ally to your business.

We’d like to speak with you, or someone from your company who is responsible for handling the cleaning decisions, on how we can help your business. Let’s have a fifteen-minute call to discuss ways SD Janitor can improve your cleaning needs. We’ll undoubtedly boost the looks of your space, the morale of you team and the way your clients feel and see you when the visit your location.

We understand the cleaning industry and we know what it takes to make your space looking good and making you proud. Consistency, professionalism and commitment are crucial! We currently work with many successful clients. Please check us online and see the stellar reviews from our current customers.

We’ll work hard tireless to make sure your business looks sparkling! You’ll be proud.