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I am very impressed with SD Janitor. The housekeepers are very detailed and thorough, and I recommend them highly!

Dan Hauptman Avatar
Dan Hauptman

Thank you SD Janitor for the outstanding cleaning services on my office

Alexandre Augusto Silvino Avatar
Alexandre Augusto Silvino

I have been using SD Janitor for a while now and they never cease to impress me with their willingness to go above and beyond to work within my schedule (which is admittedly can get very complicated). I've used them for one time cleans and weekly cleans and I definitely recommend their services.

Daniel Christian Avatar
Daniel Christian

We use SD Janitor to clean our offices. They provide outstanding service, reliable, professional and trustworthy at a reasonable price. I gladly recommend their services.

Gustavo F. Lanatta Avatar
Gustavo F. Lanatta

We contracted SD Janitor to support our in-house janitor by providing weekend cleaning at our 7 day a week location. Ricardo and his team are reliable, easy to work with and always willing to do any extra deep cleaning when needed.

Treloar Hocking Avatar
Treloar Hocking

We contracted SD Janitor to take care of our office cleaning and they are really detailed and precise on their work. Walking up the next morning and finding the entire office perfectly clean is a must for us.

Thanks to the entire team at SD Janitor.

Filippo Pandiani Avatar
Filippo Pandiani

I have used SD Janitors several times, I have always been satisfied with them, they provide me each time with excellent service, they are punctual, and efficient. I am a Realtor and use them every time I close a deal, my clients love their service, they love to just come to their new home and not have to worry about cleaning again, SD Janitors are the BEST!

Malena Shakoori Avatar
Malena Shakoori

We have used SD Janitor's services multiple times and each time they provided top notch cleaning and customer service. Ricardo and his team are the best there is. We look forward to using SD Janitor's services again and will refer them with confidence to clients, friends and family. Thanks SD Janitor!

Jeff DeChamplain Avatar
Jeff DeChamplain

Ricardo and crew are always responsive to requests and instructions and do a nice job keeping everything clean. Thank You!

Michelle DeFazio Avatar
Michelle DeFazio

Ricardo and his team at SD Janitor have been great to work with. Their price is fair and they quality of their work is excellent. They have been accommodating with specific business requirements from insurance to cleaning. I highly recommend to any business.

Chad Senechal Avatar
Chad Senechal

Ricardo is AMAZING and my go-to for any housekeeping services needs. Highly recommend and 100% customer satisfaction.

Amanda Hibberd Avatar
Amanda Hibberd

SD Janitor is a great partner to work with here at PC Housing. They go above and beyond with all our requests and make sure they provide us with excellent service! Thank you so much for SD Janitor Team! You are all a pleasure to work with!

Maricela Garcia Avatar
Maricela Garcia

They are incredibly thorough and trustworthy! Changing our office cleaning service over to them was the best decision. They are here 3x per week and the work quality is consistently high. Thank you for helping us keep our office clean!!

Tanya Schroeder Avatar
Tanya Schroeder

SD Janitor is just the company I've been looking for. We've had to fire numerous other companies because of lousy cleaning. We brought on Marcelo and his team this summer and couldn't be happier. Our office is much cleaner when we arrive every morning (our CEO even notices the difference)! They are well worth every penny.

Nisha Wendelken Avatar
Nisha Wendelken

We have worked with Ricardo and his team for over 6 years now, and have always had a fantastic experience. He is diligent, reliable, and flexible to suit your needs. A true partner in business, as he assists our organization in delivering quality product to our guests. Would HIGHLY recommend Ricardo and his services. You will not be disappointing.

Maureen Williams Avatar
Maureen Williams

We at PC Housing have been working with Ricardo and SD Janitor for the last 6 years, and have maintained a fantastic relationship. No task has been too big for the team, and they have always done an amazing job with all of our requests. Our team here and our guests have greatly benefited from SD Janitor's services. We highly recommend using them!

Ean Sharp Avatar
Ean Sharp

The services provided by SD Janitor have been and continue to be exceptional. For being a high traffic place with lots of equipment and areas to manage, they do a great job so our gym is clean and looks great after every time they come in. I look forward to continue working with SD Janitor & their efficient & thorough cleaning. Thanks for all you do!

Julie Pitois Avatar
Julie Pitois

We have been working (PC Housing / Signature Furniture) with SD Janitor for more than 6 years and we have never complain for their services. They do an amazing detailed cleaning and they always let you know if there is any issue in the property. The communication with the management is 100% trusted and clear. Their team work is always professional and polite with our customers when we need to do housekeeping or any other service. We do recommend SD janitor services because you can trust and you will be totally happy with the final result

Brianna Judd Avatar
Brianna Judd

We have worked with Ricardo and his team for over 5 years now, and have always had an amazing experience. Would HIGHLY recommend Ricardo and his services. You will not be disappointing.

La Jolla Jiu Jitsu Avatar
La Jolla Jiu Jitsu