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Professional Cleaning Services for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

Many real estate contracts required sellers to leave a home clean. For example, standard California real estate contracts don’t address the condition of the home at all except for stating that it should be left in essentially the same condition as it was when the offer was accepted (cleaned homes sell better and faster!)

But each contract can be unique when it comes to those details and any outstanding, professional broker helping you sell or buying a property will make sure the cleaning portion is listed on the contract. It’s important and speaks volumes if the agents helping clients with their purchase use their expertise, experience, network and take care of the cleaning schedule logistics and the hiring of a competent cleaning company to do the job.

Realtors will normally go the extra mile and for the sake of good will during a purchase-and-sale transaction, the realtors want to make the buyer feel good about the purchase. Some listing agents often give the courtesy to hire and pay for the professional cleaning while some well-established broker companies now require the agents to make sure to hire and pay for this service as a mandatory business practice and customer service. This type of practice became even more common and relevant since the beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic. Those well-established and conscious brokers see the importance of taking good care of their clients by offering one more layer of peace-of-mind.

The good will goes quite a long way to help buyers and sellers during stressful times. And buying, selling and moving into a new home are quite stressful events for both buyers and sellers. Buyers and sellers might be happy to sell or buy, but the logistics and the changes undertaken by the parties often induce tremendous stress.

Hiring a knowledgeable and professional cleaning company is an excellent solution. SD Janitor has specialized top-of-the-line commercial and residential cleaning solutions for properties currently on the market for sale, getting ready for sale or getting ready to move-in.

We offer a variety of services to meet the needs of real estate agents, brokers, and property managers.

Impress your potential buyers and clients! The number one recommended improvement for new listings is cleanliness! Get your property looking its best with a detailed top-to-bottom cleaning. You are sure to get a good return-on-investment.

We’ll work to rejuvenate your property. We use products intended for finishes like granite, stainless steel, and hardwood flooring. We help to protect and extend the life of appliances and fixtures with restorative cleaning solutions.