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How to Stay Healthy & Strong During the Lockdown

We here at SD Janitor are always thinking of the services we provide as an ally to a healthier life. Cleaning is health. However, there is so much more to health and we want to share something different today. A lighter, more positive insight for healthier habits.

Most people are on “lockdown” mode due the stay-at-home order and the global crises we are living on. Most of our team here at SD Janitor still working hard to help clients with essential cleaning services. To keep everyone safe and healthy, we shared with the team some important insights on how to keep the immune system going strong and to help our mental health to cope with the stressful time we are all going through collectively. Well, after we spoke with everyone on our team about this, we thought would be cool to share with all of you too.

Stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, exercise and a bad diet can all create an imbalanced immune system.  

Here are some very amazing ways to boost your immune system and keep your mental balance:

Stay Active

Exercise can not only improve your physical health, but it also makes you feel good. Exercise is a stress reliever and can help you feel happier and healthier during these uncertain times. Promoting good circulation, the immune system’s cells and substance move through the body freely and efficiently. There are numerous online classes fitness for at home work-outs for all levels. Don’t let the gym closures stop you. Also, take your time doing stretching afterwards!

Stay Hydrated

Hydration is crucial to regulate our body temperature and maintaining many bodily functions. It is essential for all aspects of health, including supporting our bodily microbiomes and immune system, ensures that we are naturally flushing out any toxins or “bad bugs” and helps our digestive system to work better.

Eat Healthy

We know – stating that is redundant. But here are a few important things you should be mindful to keep on your diet to boost your immune system:

Garlic, turmeric, spinach, citrus fruits, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, sweet potato, celery, tomatoes, cinnamon, mushrooms, all types of leafy greens, oily fish, nuts, ginger, oregano (oregano oil specially), cayenne pepper. There so much more, but if you add some of those to your diet, it will be a tremendous boost to your immune system.

Home cooking is also an incredible, relaxing and bonding activity for the whole family.

Take A Cold Shower

Not a popular idea for many but a very effective practice for your immune system. Benefits include: speeding up the metabolism, reducing inflammation, enchased focus, improved immune response and improved quality of sleep.

Talking about sleeping…

Sleep Soundly

Sleep is essential for our bodies to repair cells, clear toxins, consolidate our memories and process information. Put some comfortable pjs, crawl into bed and get an early night. If you don’t work late nights at an essential job, you are not missing anything at night right now. Take advantage of that – train your body for some good sleep patterns. Pro tip: have some chamomile tea before bed.


Focus on positive things. Instead of a sad drama or violent and depressing movie or series, put on a comedy. Or play silly games with your kids, partner or roommate. Ready a funny book or write funny stories.

Laughter decreases stress hormones and increases immune cells and infection-fighting antibodies. Laughing improves your resistance, helps release tension and release endorphins.

Laughing also burns calories.

We are living through a very challenging chapter of modern society. A crisis like this is unprecedented on a global scale. Isolation will pass and we will re-enter the world with new challenges. In the meantime, is our individual job and responsibility to stay mentally strong and look out for our health.

The SD Janitor team wishes that everyone stays safe and healthy. We look forward to keep working hard on maintaining a clean and healthy work environment to all our clients and partners for many, many years to come.