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SD Janitor FAQ

Eight years. SD Janitor was founded in 2010.

We are a full commercial janitorial business and most of our services are business-to-business, although some of our clients include Corporate Housing facilities. The only regular residential services we provide are carpet cleaning and window cleaning.

Yes, however, aside from carpet and window cleaning, we do not provide residential housekeeping.

We provide cleaning and janitorial services for Commercial, Corporate & Business Spaces, Corporate Housing, Real-Estate Solutions, and Carpet and Window Cleaning. Please visit our services page for a complete look at the industry and the services we provide.

Business and business people looking for comprehensive cleaning solutions.

Intelligent commercial cleaning solutions. We are a customer-focused organization committed to helping our clients solve their cleaning matters.

We offer a variety of services and logistical cleaning solutions tailored individually to each business.

Janitorial services are responsible for the presentation and cleanliness of your workplace, helping to shape your company’s image.  Our experience in professional cleaning solutions will add value to your business through our:

  • Expert knowledge of cleaning services and processes.
  • Professional services and knowledge of appropriate cleaning agents, tools equipment and material
  • Understanding that cleanliness and a healthy work environment build better businesses leaving a good impression on potential and current clients, and motivating employees.
  • Consistency and quality of effective processes established through effective and efficient cleaning methods – Take a look at our Circle Process Method
  • Ability to consistently deliver a healthy and safe work environment.
  • Competitive cost of services.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Environmentally sound standards.
  • Safe disposal of waste according to regulatory requirements.
  • Ability to identify potential contaminants and unsafe sources.
  • Adherence to current industry standards, techniques and technologies.
  • Commitment to training our staff on high quality standards of cleaning processes.
  • Insurance coverage over $5 million.

Yes. We work around our client’s availability and scheduling needs.

It depends. We do provide all the cleaning supplies and equipment to perform the job. For replacement supplies such as paper products, trash bags, soap, etc., we can add the restocking of these items to the scope of work as an additional service. With that, we also can help you manage your inventory.

Prices vary depending on the scope of work, size of the property and frequency of the services provided. We have a service agreement for every job performed.

Yes. We are happy to give you a list of clients for you to contact to get feedback on the quality and type of services we provide.

Yes and yes. We are an independent San Diego business. The owners are involved in all aspects of our operations to ensure our commitment to quality and excellence.

Any complaint are addresses right away. We want to solve any issues as fast as possible. Once a complaint is filed, a solution is presented within 72 hours or less. In most cases, all complaints are handled within 24 hours. The account manager will work with the operations director, the COO and CEO closely to ensure clients are satisfied, taken care of and happy.