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Disinfect and Sanitize your Commercial Space

Electrostatic disinfecting is the best solution for business spaces already operating and businesses getting ready to re-open that need to follow the proper disinfecting protocols and areas with higher traffic of people.

Property managers, facility managers, general managers, store owners, all business owners and people responsible for keeping the safety of the public in private spaces, either indoors or outdoors – our schedule is booking up quick!!

Whether you have an office space, retail, mall, warehouse, school, restaurant, medical office, dental office, health facility, fitness center, church, commercial facility, industrial facility or any other business or institution (public or private), you will need to come-up with a disinfecting schedule following the proper protocols required to re-opening in the coming weeks.

Our electrostatic fogger (Sani-Fogger 360) along with EPA and CDC approved chemicals, experienced technicians and correct procedures, will disinfect and sanitize all types of spaces to help business comply with requirements necessary to stay open and keep team members, customers and the general public safe.Some businesses are starting to request weekly or bi-weekly recurring treatments until things “settle down.” We are also performing post-infection cleanings after confirmed cases.

Coronavirus Disinfecting Services

In addition to your routine commercial cleaning services, add disinfection services at regular intervals to help limit the risk for potential exposure at your business. Proudly display our Disifected Certificate distinction at the entryway of your facility comforting visitors.

We have a number of packages available, from reopening day only priorities to routine disinfecting services. Based on the flow and type of traffic to your business, SD Janitor have the customized routine disinfection services you need to provide a healthier environment for your customers and employees, now and in the future.

Providing Healthier Environments on Reopening Day and Beyond

SD Janitor has built its reputation on helping businesses provide healthier environments for their customers and employees for over a decade. Now, more than ever, this mission rings true for our team, providing expert-level commercial cleaning services to our customers in such an unprecedented time.

We know that business disinfecting and cleaning services will no longer be seen as a luxury, but a necessity in these changing times, and we are the resource your business can count on. Our affordable cleaning service paired with disinfecting sprays and foggers will assure that your business will always be ready to welcome your staff and customers each day to a clean and healthy environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic is presenting business owners and managers with unique challenges to helping to keep workers safe and healthy.

While continuing to follow regular business, industry and government guidelines and regulations, businesses have to add another level of protection during the pandemic crisis. Disinfection in commercial spaces

Feel free to reach out if your business needs to be disinfected. You can call 866.495.6579, send text inquiries to 858.205.9467 or email

Important Reminders:

–      Wash your hands with soap and water to kill bacteria and viruses or use hand sanitizer

–      Maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent cold and flu

–      Always clean and disinfect high touched areas and high touch surfaces

–      Make sure your disinfectant product is CDC and EPA approved

–      Clean your keyboard frequently