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Disinfection Services


– Disinfection Service in San Diego
– Coronavirus Disinfecting program
– Electrostatic and ULV Fogger Machine

Offering 24 Hours Cleaning & Disinfection Treatments of All Facilities 

Our disinfection services program with electrostatic fogger and ULV fogger will kill any and all living virus, bacteria, germs, and mold from any surface (including SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that causes COVID-19).

Whether you have an office, retail, mall, warehouse, school, restaurant, medical office, health facility, fitness center, church, commercial facility or any other business space (indoors, outdoors, public or private).

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Sani-Fogger 360 combined with the right EPA registered product, will kill 99,99% of all pathogens in a room, 360 degrees around.

About our chemical: the active ingredient is Quaternary Ammonium. 

Our system is more effective, faster and safer than: 

  • Disinfectant wipes 
  • Disinfectant spray
  • Regular Deep cleaning  

Designed to Disinfect and Sanitize

SANI-FOGGER 360 is ready to get into spaces other, outdated technology, foggers and atomizers cannot.

  • Cutting-edge design to fill the gap for the sanitizing industry as a rapid, revolutionary ULV fogger. It’s capable of tackling both large indoor and outdoor project areas, where other machines fail.
  • Cordless – allows for maximum flexibility during application.
  • The custom design provides the most efficient distribution of disinfectants and improve the bioavailability of the compounds (3-jet manifold with inline filtration)
  • ULV (Ultra Low Volume) nanoparticles ranging from 10-48 microns will attach to all surfaces like a magnet.
  • Indoor application can occur in offices without destroying paperwork, electronic devices, fiber material, wood or metal.
  • Fast, safe and effective.
  • We can cover 360 degrees of a 1,000 sq. ft. space in less than 10 minutes with a reach up to 50 ft. range.

Protect the health of your employees and customers

  • Safer for people: ULV and electrostatic fogger means less chemical exposure on people and animals.
  • More effective: The nanoparticles droplets and improved coverage substantially increases the bioavailability of disinfectant compounds.
  • Reopening cleaning and disinfecting services are OSHA, CDC & EPA compliant and include: Focus on high-touch point areas, sanitizing services, disinfecting services and color- coded microfibers to reduce cross- contamination.  

Certifications and Associations​

Hospital Grade EPA Approved Products
EPA & CDC Certified
BPC & GCC Certified
Best Practices for Environmental Services

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