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CDC New Guidelines and Why Frequency and Consistency is More Important When Comes to Cleaning Efforts

Interview 10News

The pandemic took all of us for a wild ride (it still is) but during last year, people became obsessed with the idea of deep cleanings and sanitized every surface. No one could agree on what was too much and what was not enough when it came to cleaning procedures. It was a new scenario even for the top scientists and immunologists on the planet. We all tried our best with the knowledge and guidelines we were given.

Now, over a year later we know so much more, and we lived through most of it. And now we know that is okay to scale down the obsessive deep cleaning projects.  It served us well as a peace of mind last year, but what we know now is what we always knew, that frequency, consistency and professionalism is the real key for prevention and safety.

Deep cleanings and mostly electrostatic foggers and sprays still serve the purpose of completely disinfecting and sanitizing a space contaminated or “exposed”. Fast, effectively and safely. It’s important to emphasize that exposed shared spaces should follow the best practices and still have the area fogged and disinfected. But we can scale back on the obsessive disinfection and sanitation protocols on a regular basis, especially now that the vaccination roll out is in full effect and most of the population have been vaccinated.

Frequent and consistent janitorial services done by professionals should be adopted by any company, store, building, facility, mall, commercial property, offices and such.

It’s the right procedure, the right chemical, done consistently the right way that it will keep everyone safe. Does your business have a regular professional cleaning schedule?

The pandemic will remain in our memories for a long time, and it is safe to say the world is different now because of it. We cannot forget the lessons we learned, and when it comes to safety in the workspace, cleaning must be a priority topic. The scheduled, professional consistent type of cleaning.

Come next fall and winter the flu season will pick up again. Professional cleaning services will be continuing to play an important role keeping everyone safe.

Our SD Janitor Inc. CEO, Ricardo Buffara, recently gave an interview to local San Diego 10News on these topics about CDC recent guidelines and the future of the cleaning industry. As industry experts serving SoCal for over a decade, we can confidently say that we know this industry with mastery and our opinion and knowledge is trusted by many clients, partners and the press.

You can read the article here. We talked about the demands of the cleaning industry and the shifts since the beginning of the pandemic.

Get in touch with us and get your business on a regular cleaning schedule. There is no need for obsessive, deep disinfections. What your business needs is consistency, knowledge, the right chemical for the right places, professional practices and frequent cleanings.


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