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Best Practices for Cleaning Houses that have Recently Sold

Once a seller has sold their house, and they are prepared to move out, there is one more thing that they need to do. The buyer will most likely understand when you forget to sweep under your stove. It will be a serious offense when they find that the house is not near clean. Even if a deep cleaning spruced up the house’s selling, the seller must declutter and remove their items when they move out. Here is how to clean a house that has recently been sold.


A house that is crowded is always a turnoff for many people. That is because everyone wants space for their items. It is therefore important to declutter a house that has recently been sold. Pick a laundry basket and begin from top to bottom, collecting everything that seems to be clutter. You do not want people to trip over things that do not have enough space in the house. The house looks more spacious and gives enough room when it gets to floor cleaning. Please note that you can donate such items to charitable organizations.

Scour the windows and the bathrooms

Clear windows illuminate light to the house, and this makes it look bigger and better. Another sensitive area that people pay attention to is the bathroom. Make sure you score your shower and toilets so that they are not dirty and stained. If the toilet bowl or tab is broken, consider changing them. Give your faucets and sinks a good scrub using a fine steel wool pad for better results.

Remove any mold in the house

Mold and mildew are common things that happen to houses, especially those that are not well ventilated. If not a store-bought chemical, you can make a bleach and water solution to take care of the moldy areas. Clean your floors, walls, and countertops using this mixture, and the mold will be gone. Please don’t stop there. Establish the cause of the molding surfaces and take care of them. Remember, once the mold is gone, the unpleasant odors are gone as well.

Clean the carpets, rugs, and mats

Carpets, rugs, and mats give a home that warm look. They also serve as décor. It will be a turnoff handing over the house to the buyer when the carpets are stained and dirty. If they are still in good shape, consider changing them or investing in a floor that will not be needing the carpets and rugs.


This task wasn’t on the to-do list when deep cleaning a recently sold house in the past; today, it is. The Covid 19 pandemic has brought changes in the whole process. This is the last stage after you have completely cleaned the house. The good thing is that you do not have to spend a fortune on it. You can use bleach to take care of the areas that are safe to bleach. Such places include the bathrooms, countertops, tiles, trash, and litter bins. You could also use alcohol on those areas that are touched regularly, especially doorknobs, door handles, and areas on the patio.

Hiring Professional Cleaning Services

While there are plenty of effective ways to clean a house that was recently sold, hiring a professional company can save you both time and money. You might be wondering how it can save you money? Since professional cleaning companies have dozens of places to service, they already have the necessary equipment and supplies required to handle these tasks.

To properly disinfect, clean, and scrub different parts of a house, you would need a variety of cleaning products. It doesn’t always make sense to buy a huge gallon of bleach when you would only use a few drops. Consider consulting with a professional cleaning service company before jumping into a large project. They can provide guidance on what makes sense to clean deeply and provide an entire game plan on how they can handle the dirty situation.

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Alex Capozzolo is a partner of Cash Offer Kentucky, a home buyer based in Louisville, KY. He has been writing for the real estate industry for several years. Cash Offer Kentucky focuses on single-family and small multi-family houses.