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Benefits of Professional Housekeeping Services to Corporate Housing.

SD Janitor Inc offers the services of housekeeping, among others to the corporate housing industry. We are one of the most reliable janitorial and cleaning providers in Southern California. 

Corporate housing providers choose to hire professional and specialized cleaners for obvious reasons. Generally speaking, this type of cleaning maids’ services is intended to keep corporate apartments clean and comfortable for tenants.

It’s important to know that cleaning companies such as SD Janitor Inc. delivers multiple significant benefits to corporate housing providers above just the regular cleaning, such as touch-ups cleanings, turn over cleanings, reset cleaning, cable wait and cable return services, welcoming concierge services, errands run, carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. All with electronic reports with details and photos, making corporate housing managers’ life much easier.  

Today, we’ll like to talk about the key benefits of housekeeping to corporate housing:

Cleaning and Housekeeping Services Makes Corporate Housing a Good Alternative to Hotels

It’s widely known that corporate housing is a much cheaper rental option compared to hotels for companies sending executives on trips for an extended period of time. On the other hand, hotel owners usually do everything possible to provide their guests with a high level of comfort. That’s the reason why hotels have professional housekeeping services in house full time.

It’s worth noting that hotel rooms are thoroughly cleaned every day. Another important thing is that towels in hotels are constantly replaced with new ones. As a result, hotel rooms look clean and smell fresh all the time. And they cost more too!

It’s clear that a high level of comfort is something that attracts so many tourists and business travelers to hotels but rarely will give the guest that home-away-from-home feeling. Only an actual home can bring this feeling at a lower cost to companies placing their employees on temporary accommodations.  

If property owners would like to make their corporate housing a good alternative to hotels, then they definitely need to take advantage of professional cleaning services such as the ones provided by SD Janitor. Finally, companies have the perfect opportunity to rent comfortable apartments, at an affordable price with the same amenities for their employees on business trips.

Housekeeping Helps Keep Corporate Apartments Clean Before Move-in

It’s incredibly important for corporate housing providers to keep their apartments clean before any move-in. By doing this, property owners will be able to make a good first impression on tenants. Janitorial cleaning companies provide a full range of maid house cleaning services to help you keep corporate housing clean for move ins. Contact SD Janitor to learn more about our Turn-Over Cleaning and Reset Cleanings. Make sure the first impression is a clean and worming one.

SD Janitor cleaning professionals will clean all of rooms, cabinets, furniture, kitchens as well as appliances in your unit thoroughly. Our janitorial experts will also make beds and replace towels and effectively do all other types of janitorial cleaning jobs in apartments. So, everything will look good before the move-in date. And of course, all of these things will have a big positive impact on the tenant’s experience and impression. We will share the electronic report and photos with the relocation manager or corporate housing manager.  

Housekeeping Helps Keep Corporate Apartments Clean During a Stay

People choose to benefit from corporate rentals when they are on a business trip. That means that tenants are usually very busy and don’t have too much time to do cleaning jobs on their own. Cleaning janitorial services companies offer a full range of professional cleaning services to keep corporate apartments clean during a stay.

Professional maid services for corporate housing include the following: cleaning, vacuuming, dusting and floor mopping; cleaning and sanitizing bathrooms; making beds and replacing towels as well as laundering services; carpet cleaning services and more. SD Janitor service professionals will clean all appliances and furniture in the apartments as well. Thus, guests will be able to enjoy a comfortable stay in their apartments.

Housekeeping is certainly one of the biggest advantages for corporate housing. Obviously, professional maids services make the life of busy tenants much easier and more enjoyable. This is why most companies usually agree to pay extra for corporate housing that comes with cleaning services. Professional cleaners will do all the necessary janitorial cleaning jobs and tenants will definitely find it comfortable to live in the apartments.

Other Reasons Why Corporate Housing Providers Benefit from Housekeeping Services

As mentioned earlier, housekeeping services help corporate housing providers keep their apartments clean before the move-in date and during a stay. And of course, busy business travelers are extremely happy about that! There are also many other reasons why corporate housing professionals choose to take advantage of janitorial maintenance services.

It’s no surprise that business people value comfort and that’s why they tend to stay at the apartments which are cleaned on a regular basis. Therefore, if you choose to take advantage of cleaning maids services provided by janitorial services companies to corporate housing then you’ll be able to get more clients. If your customers are happy with your apartments, then they are likely to recommend your corporate housing company to others. As a result, your revenue will increase dramatically as well. Without a doubt, maids clean services are the right type of investment for a corporate housing business.

The reality is, not all corporate housing companies keep their apartments clean on a daily basis. That means that if you choose to take advantage of maid service cleaning and get the janitorial services job done regularly then you’ll be able to keep your apartments clean all the time, consistently.  Professional cleaning service is something that helps corporate housing companies stand out from the crowd.

SD Janitor Inc. will also inform you about broken doorknobs, leaky toilets, coffee table stains and many other problems in your units. So, you’ll be able to get all of your issues fixed and prevent other problems from happening in the future. That means that commercial janitorial cleaning services such as ours, will help you save a lot of money on unit’s maintenance repair jobs.

One of great benefits of housekeeping to corporate housing is that professional maids cleaning service helps make a property more marketable. The vast majority of tenants are interested in living in clean apartments. This is why you’ll definitely find it easy to market your property if you have your apartments professionally cleaned on a regular basis. There is no doubt that a professional cleaning service will contribute greatly to your property’s marketing strategy.

SD Janitor is a commercial cleaning company that provides a full range of housekeeping and maid cleaning services to corporate housing. We specialize in all types of commercial cleaning services including maid cleaning for corporate housing, all commercial floor cleaning and carpet cleaning services. Our janitorial cleaning professionals are reliable and attentive.