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3 Ways to Improve Your Open House in San Diego

San Diego real estate has been hot for a long time, and it’s gotten even hotter lately. An open house presents the perfect opportunity to wow the buyers, potentially boosting what they’ll offer. However, not everyone knows how to throw one effectively. It requires tact and vision to execute an open house the right way. In a competitive market like Southern California, you must stand out in any way possible.

Leverage All Avenues to Market Your Open House

First, crowds of buyers should be at your place during the open house. To attract enough people, you’ve got to put in the work, marketing it as much as possible. Here are several ways you can get started.

Potential Marketing Opportunities

  • Mailers and Flyers:
    Send something in the mail to everyone in your zip code. Anyone who attends is another face amongst the crowd.

  • Social Media Posts:
    San Diego is extremely popular as a destination with fun events for people to do together. Real estate professionals from all over love investing here too. Advertise a virtual tour on your social media profiles. That way, even long-distance investors get a chance to see your place.

  • Realtors and Networking:
     Word of mouth still dominates most industries. Speak to your realtor about what they can do to improve turnout. Typically, they’ll have some pretty powerful suggestions.

Prep the Event as if You Were Entertaining Guests

Anyone who feels bored when they’re at an open house would be unlikely to make an offer. Do your best to keep them entertained and having fun. An open house is supposed to be a memorable experience! Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to go about that.

Food Always Wins Over the Crowd:

How great is your BBQ? If it’s anything above passable, then you ought to whip out the grill, smoked meats, and all. Surprising people with a well-cooked meal has always been a quick way to win over the masses.

Live Music Could Attract Some Attention:

Better yet, why not ask a live band to put on a show? Dancing around a home is a much livelier experience than touring a quiet, quaint property.

Staging Your Home’s Interior and Landscaping

When it comes to real estate, the image stands above everything else. Make your place look better, and it’ll fetch more on the market. Would you want to buy a property that was a complete mess during the open house? It’s vital that you hire a professional cleaning company to handle any mess that could scare away potential buyers. A clean and well-sanitized open house can go a long way with neighbors and perspective buyers! SD Janitor has been in this business helping houses currently on the market for over a decade, offering the best real-estate cleaning solutions. You have one chance to make the first impression when comes to cleaning. SD Janitor offers pre-listing solutions and cleaning for open houses, showings, closing day as well as move-in and touch -up cleaning services. Contact SD Janitor Inc. here!

When Anyone Arrives, Landscaping Will Be the First Thing on Their Mind:

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Driving up to a property, you’d see how well-kept its lawn was first, followed by the home’s exterior. Those two factors alone comprise most of anyone’s first impression. Work on them, and you’ll love how much your property appreciates.

Throwing the Ideal Open House in San Diego

Selling your home is a huge deal, as it happens to be most people’s largest asset. As such, strategizing your approach ought to help maximize your ROI. Boredom is the real enemy. As long as people feel great while they tour your home, making an offer should feel similar. So, keep your guest happy, and you’ll make a killing.

Alex Capozzolo is a partner of Kind House Buyers, a house flipping company based in Washington state. Keith flips homes full-time in the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys swinging a hammer and making a house shine.